Will the first day of school be delayed?

We see nothing at this point that would delay our opening on August 13th. Our staff has worked hard over the summer to start on time and we are ready to see you all again!


When will my child be wearing a mask and what does “deemed appropriate by the teacher” mean in regards to wearing a mask?

In accordance with the City of Stillwater’s policy, children under the age of five are not required to be masked. We are in the process of confirming with the City Manager that we can extend this to all Pre-K students in our school. Those exempt from wearing face coverings according to CDC guidelines will not be required to be masked.

Students in grades K through 7th will be given a neck buff or may wear a different type of mask if preferred.  Face coverings should be worn unless the student is behind the divider for their personal workspace in the classroom or when in appropriately distanced situations as monitored by our staff. Our desire is for students to be able to see the teacher’s full face during the bulk of the instructional time. The staff will also frequently wear face shields so that their full face is visible to the students.

Our staff members will be responsible for determining when distancing cannot be in place and will require the coverings to be pulled up. This could include situations such as when students are working together outside of their own self-contained workspace, are traveling through the hallways, or when the teacher is moving from desk to desk. Examples of when the covering could be down would be when a teacher is teaching a lesson at the front of the room and students are behind the dividers at their desks, when standing a minimum of six feet apart singing in music class or chapel, or in a six foot square for P.E., etc.  The teachers and staff members will act in the best interest of your child and will maximize distancing to the greatest extent possible.


Will SCS do temperature checks?

Every child must have a temperature check every morning. If you feel your child will be more comfortable doing this at home before you leave for school, that is fine! When you drop your student off, you will be asked if you have taken your child’s temperature in the past 30 minutes and if it was below 100.4 degrees F. If you didn’t have a chance to take it at home, no worries! The staff member on duty will check your child’s temperature for you. If it is above the CDC limit, you will be asked to loop around and we will do a recheck.


Will my student be sharing supplies?

No, students will have their own supplies.  In the case of something that needs to be shared, the item would be cleaned in between uses.  An example of this would be a game or a microscope.


Will I be able to walk my child to their classroom?

Yes! Parents are welcome to walk their student to class the first several days of a new school year.  After this parents and students will transition to saying good-bye in the gym or at their car.


Will visitors be allowed in the school?

Absolutely!  Visitors will have their temperature taken when checking in to the office and will be required to follow the City of Stillwater mask mandate.


Will SCS offer an online alternative?

Yes, SCS will offer an alternative, but not online teaching as we experienced last spring. There are some SCS families whose circumstances prevent them from being in class at the start of school but want to keep on track with our curriculum and return as soon as they are able. In these cases, teachers would provide their lesson plans one week at a time for the students to follow at home. Completed work should be scanned in daily and sent to SCS or given to the school by the end of the school week. Although it is not feasible for our teachers to prepare online instructional time, they would be available to answer questions you may have and to provide support as needed. Your tuition will still be due as usual since our staff will still be devoting attention to your child’s education.


Will SCS return to “at home learning”?

Our hope is to be in the classroom with your child!  This is where learning is most effective.  We would only cease meeting if mandated by the city.  We are currently working with the city to determine how we could continue operating, however, such as day care facilities did this past spring.


How will cleaning look different at SCS?

We have always been mindful of cleaning procedures because of cold and flu season as well as the routine exposure to germs and have always held high standards of cleanliness by intermittently cleaning throughout the day. We will increase in various ways such as cleaning all bathroom surfaces after a class exits.  Lunch tables will be thoroughly cleaned by a teacher in between lunch periods. Computer keyboards and the mouse are already cleaned regularly but we will ensure that they are sterilized after each use.  Grades that rotate between classrooms will clean their desk before exiting the room.

We are also continually evaluating other cleaning and sterilization methods such as professional cleaning services and air filtration methods. 


What happens if a child or teacher in a class tests positive for COVID?

While we are already reducing the amount of interaction between grades for the time being, in the case of a positive case we would take this one step further by “quarantining” a class until the appropriate time as defined by the CDC has passed. This could include more in-classroom or outdoors time (such as lunches) to minimize cross-contamination. Our goal is to keep your child in school as much as is safely possible. If there is an unusually high number of cases within a classroom, the Board will determine if a temporary closure of that class is warranted.

This scenario can best be avoided by keeping your child at home if they are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID or if they have had direct exposure according to CDC guidelines. Getting through this unique period of time while minimizing the impact on your child’s education will require a strong partnership between our school families and staff as well as trust in God for His continued guidance and protection.


Will all special classes be available this year?

Yes, students will participate in all specials.


How will safety be addressed in these classes?

P.E. will take place either outside or in the gym.  Students will be socially distanced in an individual space six feet apart while in the gym.

Music will take place in the gym with students socially distanced.

Band students will be separated by clear plastic sheeting on all sides.

Computer class will take place as normal, seating in every other chair if possible. Keyboards and the computer mouse will be cleaned in between each class.

Art will take place in the art room and follow the same guidelines as classroom procedures. 


Will the school all attend chapel together?

Yes, we will attend chapel together.  We will be sitting in classes for the immediate future and not with a chapel buddy.  We will spread out in the gym and masks will be worn unless not required because of age.